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NSGA –99-1kg

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NSGA –99 – Non Shrink Grout Additive

Non Shrink Grout Additive for cement is a powder admixture, which after mixed with cement, cement-sand, mortar or concrete ingredients produces flowable grout at low water cement ratio for high interfacial contact and shrinkage compensation by expanding during initial setting of the mix.





·   Produces free flowing expansive grouting slurry even at low w/c for  shrinkage compensation and retention of the filled volume.

·   Effective on cement, cement-sand, mortar and concrete ingredients.

·   Effective for achieving high early strength

·   Easy to mix

·   Economical

·   Non corrosive

·   Non toxic





NSGA-99 is recommended to mix with cement slurry to get a free flowing expansive grout for under noted applications.


·   Grouting of machine foundation.

·   Concrete anchors.

·   Grouting of pre-stressed anchors in rock and soil.

·   Grouting of castle ducts.

·   Grouting cavities, gaps, recesses etc.

·   Grouting of bearing plates.

·   Grouting of boiler foundation.

·   Injection grouting of porous concrete shuctures in rehabilitation works.

How to use:


·   NSGA-99 is fine gray powder which is mixed with dry ingredients say cement /cement-sand/cement– sand – aggregates in dry form mechanically.

·   After dry mixing all the ingredient as above mix NSGA-99 thoroughly @ 1kg per 50 kg bag of cement.

·   After dry mixing add required water as per the doses recommended.




NSGA-99 is used @ 1 kg per bag of 50 kg cement in the mix for shrinkage compensation, suggested w/c ration 0.4




NSGA-99 is available in

(1)   200 gm pouche -5 kg pack contain 25 pouches of 200 gm each

(2)   1 kg sachet       -10kg pack contain 10 sachet of 1 kg each.




·   Make trial batches to arrive at proportions of site ingredients for a cohesive mix

·   Always use fresh cement.

·   Use potable water only.

·   After mixing with water use the mortar with in 30 minutes.

·   Store in cool, dry place in its original packing.

·   Always mix NSGA-99 with cement and ingredients in dry form only mechanically.




The product information and application details has been given in good faith and as a general guideline. The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory result and damage.



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