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Smart Wall Putty-40kg

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  • Brand: ICO Ltd
  • Product Code: Smart Wall Putty-40kg

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Smart wall Putty

Smart Wall Putty is a white cement based product with re-dispersible polymer and functional additives. It gives interior and exterior rough plasters a smooth finish. Categories: Interior Wall Paints, Putty, Smart wall Putty

Smart wall Putty is a plaster putty mix providing the filling benefits of plaster as well as the smoothness of a putty.


Excellent filling capacity
Fills upto 6mm in 1 coat without cracking or shrinking.

Skim coat application
Can be applied as a skim coat with a thickness of less than 1mm also.

Faster drying
Offers 15-30% faster drying as compared to Patra POP

Smooth finish
Offers smooth finish

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