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Aquaprime -99-1lit

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Aquaprime -99 TM

Ultimate Bonding & Water Resistance

(On Vertical Cementious Surface – Exterior /Interior)

Aquaprime - 99 TM plays major role in facade  coating system .  It forms a dry water repellent zone beneath the coating consolidate the substrate and enhance bonding of the coating . It is gas permeable, durable, protects paints & plasters against harmful influences form within the masonry .

Key features  :


                              Engineer Plus Aquaprime -99 TM is water base acrylic polymer specially designed for  

                              tough  onding of concrete /plaster/paint on Aquasil-99 treated surface.        



·            Fast drying, excellent adhesion to most building materials & no need to cure.

·            Increase in durability & toughness of concrete.

·            Increase flexural and bond strength of concrete .

·            Forms a very tough bond with substrate having good permeability rating .

·            High scrub & impact resistance

·            Excellent elastomeric and crack bridging capability.

·            Good weathering characteristics.

·            No  water absorption, withstanding hydrostatic pressure .

·            Not susceptible to alkali degradation. Resistance to high alkali, sulfates and salts.

·            Good colour retention. High resistance to stain,  dirt pickup & UV.

·            Breathable coating, allows  vapor transmission.


     Technical View :

                                Product                                               :               Aquaprime-99 TM

                                Physical form                                   :               Milky white free flow liquid

Odour                                                   :               low characteristic

                                Specific gravity                                                :               1.03 + .02           

                                Solids                                                    :               35 % + 1%

                                PH                                                          :               7-9

                                Solubility                                            :               readily soluble in water

                                Surface drying                                  :               5 minutes

                                Solubility  after drying                 :               fully stable not soluble in water

                                Flash point                                         :              non flammable (water base)







 Precaution & Limitations :-

v  Avoid  contact with skin & eyes.


v  Put on goggles & gloves while handling the product. In case of contact with eyes or skin wash with plenty of water immediately.


v   Don't keep container open, replace the cap. Store in a cool & dry place in its original packing.


How to use :

·         Clean the surface from oil, dust, fungus, grass roots, rust & loose material with wire

                                 brush, or any mechanical tool. Vacuum cleaning is suggested for the best result. Wash the surface

                                  with clean water by cloth or sponge and let it dry fully.


·         Mix three component with vigorous stirring in sequence as under 


Potable water                   +             Aquasil-99                                          + Aquaprime 99 TM

                                       20 parts                          +             1 part                                                    + 2 parts

·      Apply the mix by painting brush, roller or spray on the clean washed and dried  

                      surface  till the saturation of the surface .



   Disclaimer :-


The recommendation given here with should be checked by preliminary trials because of conditions during processing over which the company. ICO LTD has no control. The guideline for use does not constitute a warranty either expressed or implied of the fitness or suitability of the product for a particular purpose.

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