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SPC-99TM (Super plasticizer for cement)

High performance super plasticizer for cement base mortar

SPC-99 TM   is a modified a poly carboxylic ether based high range water    reducer specially developed plasticizer of cementitious construction  material.

 SPC-99 Super plasticizer is a powerful dispersant, capable of  producing very mobile flowing, pumpable concrete, normal flow   and slump characteristic can be maintained with water reduced mix,    resulting the added benefit of increased final strength.

  SPC-99 is used to produce concrete having unchanged strength    development, yet vastly improved workability when compared     to a control mix containing no super plasticizer.

Dosage Level: To produce placeable concrete containing only the minimum                            water of hydration or to produce full flowing self-leveling     concrete will as a general require the addition of 0.6% to   1.0% SPC-99, the weight of dry cement in the mix.

 The actual amount required to achieve a particular result will      vary with the type of cement the size, shape and grading of   aggregate and the total mix design.

 Thus for a particular specification for the concrete the  additive level to be used can only be established by trials     using the cement, aggregate and mix specified.

 Over dosing of SPC-99 can result in some set retardation.   However, the ultimate strength and other properties of the  concrete will not be impaired.

SPC-99TM: Establish stable slump value with water reduction up to 40%.    Ph – 6-8 radish grey.     Compatibility – Portland cement, micro silica, PFA & slag.

Addition of SPC-99: Once the liquid had been added to the concrete the flowing state is reached immediately and the material is ready for placing. It should be used without delay. It will hold high workability between 30-120 minutes depending on humidity and ambient temperature too.

The system developed represents numerous trials and is intended only for guidance in the formulation of trial mixes. Field trial for each mix should always be made.

This information is given in good faith without guarantee or liability.




Advantages of SPC-99: The increase in early strength obtained by using SPC-99 shows under noted advantages.

(1)Earlier knowk down for form work.

(2)Quicker turn-round of moulds.

(3) Energy saving where concrete is heat cured.

(4)With change of mix design specific strength can be obtained.

(5)Production of high slump mixer at lower W/C ratios.

Field of Applicable:

Road, Bridges and Rails, Harbors, Fast-Setting, Floor Screeds. Non Shrink Grouts, Injection mortars, underground structures.

Packing: 220lit in heavy duty plastic container.



 The product information & application details has been given in good faith and as a general guideline. The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory results and damage.




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