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Crack Fill Paste-1kg

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  • Brand: ICO Ltd
  • Product Code: Crack Fill Paste -1kg

Tags: Crack Fill Paste -1kg

Crack-Fill-Paste – Water thinnable is suitable for use as a Crack-Fill-Paste for painting of water based wall finishes such as distempers and plastic emulsions.
Categories: Crack Fill Paste, Crack Repairing

Crack Fill Paste is very effective Crack repairing material, Its is a ready to use fiber glass reinforced crack filling material compound for both interior and Exterior .It ensure unmatched crack bridging ability for plastered cracks of up to 3 mm.


Crack Filling Ability & Flexibility
Strong filling capacity for cracks of up to 3 mm width.

High Elongation film that accommodates movement.
Mechanical Strength & Water Proofing

Reinforced with glass Fibers for Superior
Water Resistant Film stops water ingress through cracks.

Usage & Over Coating
Single Pack and easy to use.

Easily over coated by Engineer Plus Emulsion Paints.

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