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WPC-99 is a boon for modern living. It is an amazing, powerful chemical to stop water leakage & dampness from cement concrete structure like terraces, water tanks, kitchens, bathrooms, sidewalls, swimming pools, safety tanks, bridges, dams, cannels etc. It is easy to handle eco-friendly, water thinnable, stable on dilution, economical, ready to use anywhere anytime.

Multiple Advantages


  • Fast drying, excellent adhesion to most building materials & need to cure.
  • Increase in bonding of new wet concrete to old concrete.
  • Increase in durability & toughness of concrete.
  • Increase flexural and bond strength of concrete .
  • Forms a very tough bond with substrate having good permeability rating .
  • Excellent elastomeric and crack bridging capability.
  • Good weathering characteristics .
  • Very low water absorption, withstanding hydrostatic pressure .
  • Not susceptible to alkali degradation. Resistance to high alkali, sulfates and salts.
  • Good colour retention and low dirt pick up. Breathable coating, allows vapor transmission.
  • Repairs asbestos roofs, gutters, drain pipes and tile joints.


How to Use


  • Clean the external surface from oil, dust, fungus, grass roots, rust & loose material with wire   brush, shot blasting and finally vacuum cleaning is suggested for the best results.
  • Fill up gaps & cracks of surface with mixture of cement or mortar mix & 25% WPC-99 in water.
  • Wash the surface with SAC or clean water by cloth or sponge and let it dry fully.
  • Stir well and mix one part of WPC-99 with 1 part of clean water.
  • Apply the solution by painting brush, roller or spray on the clean washed and dried surface.
  • After 40 minutes of 1st coat, apply 2nd coat of WPC-99 . If required give 3rd coat after another 40 minutes .
  • After application as above,WPC-99 dries within 10 minutes on the applied surface & within 6 to 8 hours the surface becomes fully waterproof and usable.
  • Don't keep container open, replace the cap. Wash brush immediately after use.


For Perfect Plastering


For perfect and lifetime plastering on old or new concrete or bricks work give a direct coat of WPC-99 by brush or spray without water on the surface and immediately spread washed & dried fine sand on the coated surface. The screeded surface can be plastered any time. Do not hatch concrete surface for plastering work or add to new concrete which badly effect strength of concrete due to hammering and develops hair cracks throughout the structure of building.


Properties of Dried Film


(1) High mechanical strength  (2) High resistance to alkali. (3) High impact resistance.

(4) High scrub resistance. (5) High resistance to ultra violet light. (6) High heat stability

(Between 0 0 C to 90 C) (7) High resistance to Water . (8) High freeze thaw stability.


Note : Coverage on well finished surfaces about 80 to 100 sq.ft. per kg.


Technical View

Product                      : WPC-99 Specific Function : Water Proofing       

Characterization        :  Powerful, eco-friendly, water based, hygienic


Chemical Data


(a) Chemical               : Performance blend of synthetic Resins, Emulsifiers,

                                       Hardner, Wetting agents, Plasticizers, Pigments,

                                      Preservatives, Fungicides, Biocides etc.

(b) Composition        :  Proprietary


Physical Data


(a) Physical Form                  : Free flow liquid (Pinkish)

(b) Solids                                : 50%+_ 2%

(c) pH                                     : 8-9

(d) Solubility in water           :Readily soluble

(e) Odourt                              : Characteristic

(f) Specific Gravity                : 1.1

(g) Surface Drying                : 5 minutes

(h) Dried film                         : transparent (Film thickness : 80-100 microns per coat)

(i) Solubility after drying      : Fully stable, not soluble in water.

(j) Film hardness on             : After 24 hour-0.9 kg. After 48 hour-1.0 kg.


(k) Slump Test                       : Cement   + 0.2% WPC-99 - 25 Minutes

                                                  Cement   + 0.4% WPC-99 - 15 Minutes    

                                                 Cement    + 1% WPC-99 - 10 Minutes

(l) Coverage                           : 80 to 100 sq.ft. Per Kg. (Depends on surface)


Available Packings ...


100 g, 500g., 1 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg., 20 kg., 50 kg., 220 kg.


Precaution & Limitations :


If splashes on body, wash with soap and excess of water immediately .


DISCLAIMER : The product information & application details has been given in good faith and as a general guideline. The company does not assure liability for unsatisfactory results and damages.


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